We are engaged in research and eduation in the area of computer networks, wirelss communications, network protocols and development of algorithm, as to provide transparent access for mobile and multimedia uses. We pursue for the development of advanced mobile communications protocols and improved communications framework. Our research interest includes protocol for ubiquitous computing, next generation Internet, wireless communciations architecture for 3G/4G and all interesting fields related to communications. In particular, our research interest includes Fog/Edge computing, mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), sensor networks, protocols supporting mobility in Internet, Quality of Service, and protocol engineering. In addition, embedded networks system will take a great role in our research area soon. Our reseach is sponsored by National Research Foundation of Korea and the govermental reseach institute such as ETRI (Electrical and Telecommunications Research Institute) and KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information). We will collaborte some projects together with Wireless Networks Lab at Cornell University and Crewman lab at University of Texas, Arlington. To conduct above research, we gradually take following steps, protocol engineering, development of algorithms, performance evaluation through well-known networks simulation tool, construction of testbed, and implementation of applications. Specially, we validate our research results with education kit.

Research Area